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Villa Pallavicino


You can find the Pallavicino Villa in Stresa; it stands on an approximately 20-hectare (50 acres) plot of land among paths surrounded by flowers, centuries-old trees, and a magnificent botanical garden.

The animals are the Park’s main attraction; in fact, you can see more than 40 species of mammals and exotic birds that live in the vast natural park.

You can also admire very rare plants and take a stroll in the splendid “Italian garden” or down the Camelie (Camellias) path, contemplating the hundreds of different species of flowers.

In the Park you can meet fallow deer, llamas, kangaroos, zebras, and apes, or slightly more quirky animals like skunks and ferrets. Inside the beautifully reconstructed natural environments you can observe various species of exotic birds. Finally, near the small lake you can see water turtles and swans and, if you’re lucky, you might surprise beavers in the midst of their struggles to build their impressive dams.

The Pallavicino Villa has also served as the headquarters for the Centro di Recupero della Fauna Selvatica (Center for the Wildlife Rescue) since 2006. The center, whose goals include providing care and convalescence to injured or debilitated wildlife, aims to reintegrate these animals into their natural habitats and to carry out the function of monitoring the number of animals of each of the region’s wild species and keeping them healthy.