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Cuore verde tra due laghi

The City of Arona

The city of Arona is located on the Piedmontese shore of Lake Maggiore. The Vevera brook runs through the city and then empties into the lake. Hills called “motti” of morainal origins surround the city; these hills include the Natural Park of the Lagoni of Mercurago where, in 1860, the very first settlement of dwellings in Italy was identified.

Arona owes its early development to its ideal position to the south of the Lake Maggiore; today the town is the last stop for the ferry companies that cross the lake, an important railway junction, and the main commercial center of the region. Originally a fiefdom of the famous Borromeo family, Arona is a charming holiday spot that has managed to preserve an interesting historical city center, characterized by the Podestà palace and the church of Saint Mary, in which you can admire a beautiful polyptych created by Gaudenzio Ferrari.

The city offers its visitors a magnificent waterfront from which they can look out at the Angera Fortress. Stores, gelaterias, pizzerias, and restaurants can be found along the streets of the historical city center.