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Cuore verde tra due laghi
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Cuore verde tra due laghi

Villas on Lake Maggiore

Meina, Baveno e Arona

Villa Faraggiana

The villa was designed by Mr. Anonio Busser from Galliate for Alessandro Faraggiana, a senator from Novara. The building was built in the Neoclassic style in 1855 and is surrounded by a more than seventy-hectare (one hundred seventy-acre) park, rich with plants and flowers. Its majestic façade is adorned with eleven famous stone busts and a tympanum that personifies Fame. During the first half of the twentieth century, the villa hosted zoological gardens and a museum.

Villa Fedora

The Fedora Villa was built around 1857 by Giacinto Mannati from Turin, but it is named in honor of an opera by the famous musician Umberto Giordano. The villa is actually property of the VCO Chamber of Commerce, whose headquarters are located here. The Chamber provided for the villa’s recent restorations.

San Carlone (Saint Charles)

Saint Charles of Arona is a large copperplate and bronze statute constructed in memory of the Saint Charles Borromeo; 23.4 meters (76.8 feet) tall and standing atop an 11.7-meter (38.4-foot) pedestal, the statue was created in 1697 by Bernardo Falconi and Siro Zanelli using the Cerano models. Saint Charles was canonized in 1610, and it was his cousin, Cardinal Federico Borromeo, who wanted to dedicate a Holy Mountain and a statue to Saint Charles, his predecessor and a man he greatly admired. The inside of Saint Charles is open to visitors.

Villa Ponti

The Ponti Villa is an eighteenth century residence located in the historical city center of Arona, near the Lago Maggiore (Great Lake). Ordered to be built in 1760 on the remains of the Rocca Borromea by Bartolomeo Pertossi, the villa was later redone a number of times, until the important intervention in the 1820s. Gian Giacomo Ponti, an electronics teacher at Torino polytechnic school and student of Thomas Edison, was born in this house. Today the villa hosts art expositions with very important works as well as conferences, performances, and concerts.