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Cuore verde tra due laghi
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Cuore verde tra due laghi

Mergozzo Lake


The Mergozzo Lake, which is a little less than two kilometers (1 ¼ mile) long and one kilometer (6/10 mile) wide, was once nothing more than the end of the Lago Maggiore (Great Lake). Over the course of the centuries, however, the frequent flooding of the Toce created a detritus deposit that separated the two basins and formed the flat zone.

We find a small town with the same name as the river along its bank. You will have to clamber up an intricate system of small alleys and arches, almost as steep as a flight of stairs, that separate the town from the lake. The lakeside was refurbished with local stones. The town can be seen from the parish’s bell tower and is brightened up by many intensely colored homes.
A few kilometers away, near the community of Candoglia, you will find the marble quarries that provided the necessary materials for the construction of the famous Duomo (Dome) in Milan.

The “Venerable Dome Factory” has operated since October 24, 1396.