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Cuore verde tra due laghi
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Cuore verde tra due laghi

The Village of Saint Julius of Orta

Orta San Giulio

In the village of Orta San Giulio Medieval and Baroque styles manage to exist pretty well in harmony; some seventeenth and eighteenth century façades are truly cherished. The same is true of the small hidden courtyards between the houses, behind the entryway doors; they always contain some hidden surprise for their visitors, such as traces of frescoes or ancient carved stone.

The only true piazza in Orta is the airy Motta town square. It is embellished by the sixteenth century town hall, which is covered in frescoed coats of arms from bishops who inherited the structure over the years. If you depart from the square, you will reach the parish church of the Assumption, with its affected Baroque façade, at the top of the picturesque ascent. Continuing this ascent, you can reach the scenic Holy Mountain of Orta in a few minutes. It has been a UNESCO site since 2003. From this point you can enjoy a truly unforgettable view of the island and the entire lake!

The Village of Orta offers innumerable local artisanal shops as well as coffee bars, gelaterias, and restaurants.