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Cuore verde tra due laghi
Cuore verde tra due laghi

Margherita Pusterla in Invorio

Margherita, the beautiful cousin of Galeazzo and Luchino Visconti, was married to Francesco, a descendant of the noble Pusterla lineage. Margherita became an object of desire for Luchino, which her husband came to realize after repeated advances by this cousin.

Francesco, in search of revenge, joined an expedition against the Visconti but, after discovering the affair and following crusade by Francesco, the ruler of Milan retaliated, forcing Francesco to flee to Avignon and imprisoning Margherita in a secret place in his castle. Spies trained by Luchino went to France to try to convince the persecuted man to return to Italy, describing to him a completely fictitious political situation in Milan and guaranteeing him that Luchino was at the end of his political reign.

A trusting man, Francesco left France and landed at the port of Pisa in August 1341, quickly colliding with the lies of those whom he had trusted: he was arrested and taken to the gallows at the Milan Broletto (the municipal palace) with his wife and children.

Somewhere in the gray area between history and legend, it is said still today that the spirit of Margherita resides in the castle, where legend has it that she was walled up alive.
A road in a small suburb of Invorio is dedicated to the beautiful but unfortunate noblewoman Margherita Pusterla.