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Cuore verde tra due laghi
Cuore verde tra due laghi

The Dead Woman of Agrano

It is said that the name of the small village of Agrano (part of Omegna) came to be pronounced with a certain sense of fear due to the presence of the so-called “Dead Woman” or “Saint”, a mummified female cadaver found in one the past centuries under circumstances now entirely forgotten.

Buried and dug up three separate times, the Dead Woman of Agrano was ultimately placed in the ossuary chapel. The dead woman has always been revered by the inhabitants of Agrano, Cusio, and Vergante; she is still alive, in fact, in the memories of the travelers who stop at the chapel to donate money and pray. The church has always allowed and even encouraged the demonstrations of the cult of the “Dead Woman” (“Morta”), but has never actually blessed the group, perhaps because nothing is known of its origin.

We pray to the “Dead Woman” in moments of mortal danger; in Agrano a particular episode is often remembered: during a sea storm a cook from the place in question attributed his salvation to the “Dead Woman”.  In some cases the “Dead Woman” is attributed with providing direct intervention on behalf of people to inform them of danger, even calling them in the middle of the night.