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Cuore verde tra due laghi
Cuore verde tra due laghi

The Lady of the Giasso Castle

In a local library may be found a newspaper article dated January 21, 1905, that tells of the legend of a young maiden who lived in a castle on Mount Giasso, above Armeno: the beautiful girl was left alone, as an orphan, by a mother and cruel father who didn’t care about her.

The poor girl used to wander alone in the forests and pastures of Mottarone; one day, she met a handsome, strong shepherd and they fell instantly in love. When the girl’s father found out about the relationship, the girl’s father could not accept the fact that his daughter was dating a man of humble origins, so he had his men kidnap the shepherd and throw him off a cliff.

When she discovered that her shepherd was dead, the young maiden escaped from her father’s oppressive surveillance and ran and ran, arriving finally at the lake where the tragedy had taken place.
Here, locating the crevasse where her love was laid to rest, she too jumped into the void.
Even today some mountaineers claim that when the snow covers the Mottarone you can see a thin female form floating about, and then evaporating.