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Cuore verde tra due laghi
Cuore verde tra due laghi

The Spirit of Sovazza

Many strange events have occurred in the Cuore Verde (Green Heart) region; almost all of these mysterious happenings are ascribable to that strange phenomenon known as “physics”, but it is not the physics that they teach at school.

Among the local people it is said that many have “lavoravano la fisica”; when this happened men, women, inanimate things, and animals would transform and take on abnormal sizes and shapes, ghostly or imaginary, frightening or extravagant.
Accordingly, in the municipality of Armeno, in the fractions of Sovazza and Coiromonte, one may see furtive shadows that flounder about in the night or animals that all of a sudden transform into giant spirits.  The legend of a Sovazza resident named Bert, passed down by word of mouth, is as follows: it is said that the priest of the town, busying about at the window of his parsonage, asked Bert where he was going on his faithful donkey.  Bert replied rudely, and the priest responded, “Well, on your way then, ogre!”

Right then Bert’s donkey became gigantic, bigger and taller than the houses around it, and began to run madly about.
The donkey jumped from one valley to the next, going down into the ravines and leaping back up, and reaching the top of the surrounding mountains only to throw himself back down into the villages below.
Bert remained on the donkey’s back, gripped by fear.

The story doesn’t reveal whether or not Burt was ever able to return home, but after this episode nobody ever again responded rudely to the priest of Sovazza.