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Cuore verde tra due laghi

Visconti Tower

Medieval Heritage


The part of the Visconti Castle that remains unaltered conserves the great charm of the Medieval era is the 17-meter (56-foot) Medieval tower that is surrounded by a dovetailed battlements.

Today the tower can be found in a large private park; it represents the most well-preserved of the group of buildings that once constituted the pulsating life on the plot of land used as a military defensive position. It was originally constructed in three levels, which were connected to one another by a wooden ladder, replaced in 1965 by a safer flight of stairs. In the same year a long iron balcony that led to the top of the central entryway was added.

A few small slits open off of the vertical extension, some of which have been walled up to fortify the tower. The door opens at five meters (sixteen feet) off the ground and is surmounted by a marble plaque that depicts the Visconti coat of arms. A ladder with removable rungs and a rope ladder allow access to the upper parts of the tower without negatively affecting the its security and thus rendering the castle impregnable.

A perimeter wall surrounds the entire structure and a second, broader wall, added in the fourteenth century, surround the entire hill including the Visconti residence. You can still make out some parts of this outer wall in the village. A structure that served social and dining functions for the town was added to the walls of the tower and, in spite of structural modifications, remained there until 1870.

Going on only what is left of the ancient castle, it isn’t easy to infer what its original typology and floor plan would have looked like, but its complete 460-square meter (4,950-square foot) extension has been verified. This large area comprised the inner courtyard and the land adjacent to other buildings. The tower is hidden, so when you see it up close it is strikingly tall; all that remains of the castle is a particularly evocative stage on which part of a Medieval past plays out. History and legends recall our memories, the most notable of which are the story of Margherita Pusterla and the love intrigues at court.