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Cuore verde tra due laghi
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Cuore verde tra due laghi

Church of Saint Agatha

Fosseno, Nebbiuno

You can reach the community of Fosseno from Nebbiuno via a street full of hairpin turns between scattered lakeside villages; this zone is in fact named “flowered neck” because of its hilly landscape, gently sloping towards the Lago Maggiore (Great Lake).

If you decide to climb to the highest panoramic point, the Piazza del Muratore (Piazza of the Bricklayer), you must also visit the characteristically rural historical city center with its closely packed, narrow streets, some of which are paved in stone; you may also choose an easier way that starts from the right, before the Colli Fioriti Hotel. From there you will reach the old washhouse and, continuing to your left, the panoramic terrace.

In your visit to the old community you will want to cover some striking tiny streets characterized by stone arches, parietal frescoes, votive chapels, and the remains of a medieval fortification that seem to surround the church. On the façade of this fortification you can find a portico supported by two granite columns, above which hang paintings of angels guiding the souls of children in heaven (1708).

The positioning of this church in its landscape recalls that of Saint George in Nebbiuno: a solemn Baroque structure that unexpectedly opens up on the right side to a panoramic terrace that looks towards the Lago Maggiore (Great Lake). Such a scenographic view is unique to our region.

Originally, a medieval church in the Romanesque style stood here; the church was described as a notarial inventory for the year 1618.  The bishop Taverna, on a pastoral visit, demanded that value-adding improvements be made to the church. Thus, after sixty years, the parish priest Gemelli proposed the renovations, which were approved in 1679. The economic commitment and physical efforts of the local population led to the completion of the elegant Baroque church that we admire still today.

The inside consists of a single nave, and along the side walls are placed four shrines: on the north side those dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary and the Holy Crucifix, on the south side those of Saint Lucy and Saint Agatha. Each is well preserved and very richly decorated. In the first years of the twentieth century, frescoes painted by artist De Giorgi were added to the church’s walls.

Open Sundays.
Reachable on foot from the piazza in Fosseno, where there is parking available.

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Church of Saint Agatha
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