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Cuore verde tra due laghi

Church of Saint Bernard


The small Saint Bernard square is right in the middle of Colazza; it is easy to reach by foot if you leave your car where the built-up area begins, in the Milan piazza.

Right away, the dedication to Saint Bernard reveals something about the village’s past: in Christian iconography, he protects men who live in the mountains, particularly during their travels (in fact, we see him portrayed walking in the Alps in the lunette of the lovely portico). Bernard also shows up inside, in a painting that depicts the Madonna with Child, next to other recently restored canvases depicting the Evangelists.

Built in the fourteenth century, the small church underwent a series of modifications in the seventeenth century, only to be abandoned afterwards until the end of the 1900s. Thanks to an intervention by the parish priest Luigi Ragazzoni and to his desire to curate the historical works of art, a new floor was laid down; the glass and pews were replaced; and pictures and wooden figures of the Way of the Cross were added to decorate the church. A strong atmosphere is created by the presence of a crucifix from the beginning of the twentieth century which hangs inside, returned to its original position in celebration of Palm Sunday.

The church, modest in its structural simplicity, nevertheless includes a characteristic spired bell tower, exemplified by the autochthonous materials used to create it, such as the typical stone slabs that were often used to cover buildings in the Alpine and Pre-Alpine area.

Open during mass and throughout the summer.

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Church of Saint Bernard
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