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Cuore verde tra due laghi
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Cuore verde tra due laghi

Parish Church of the Immaculate


A striking avenue accompanies this church, constructed high up above the street, revealing a pleasant panorama of the Vergante.

The Parish Church has been dedicated to the Blessed Virgin since its creation at the end of the seventeenth century, but especially after a shrine to her was placed inside. It is said that the church was owned by the Monaci of Barozzera, a fraction of Ameno who were hunted by the monastery and who thus temporarily hid the statue in the woods. The statue was later found by the Colazzesi and soon after came to be appreciated as a divine “gift” intended to preserve their town.
Inside the church you will find a black marble central altar and two other polychrome marble altars featuring beautiful inlaid marquetry to the sides. Of some importance is the fresco that depicts the Virgin, Saint Grato, and the Child, attributed to the school of Gaudenzio Ferrari.

The external perimeter of the church holds two niches of frescoes that depict the Deposition of Christ, the Resurrection of Lazarus, and Eternal Life in Contrast to Death.

At the top of the bell tower hangs a bell covered in copper and zinc for preservation. In 1973, three new bronze bells were added to the church: on the large bell is written, “REGINA SINE LABE ORIGINALI CONCEPTA, ORA PRO NOBIS”, while on the smaller one, “A FULGURE ET TEMPESTATE, LIBERA NOS DOMINE”. On the other bell, “S. BERNARDO, ORA PRO NOBIS”.

Open only during Mass.
Parking available in the back.
Panoramic viewpoint

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Parish Church of the Immaculate
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