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Cuore verde tra due laghi
Flowers of the Lake
Cuore verde tra due laghi


The foliage of the Camellia is dark green, shiny, and slightly leathery; during the cold months of the year it produces many fairly large flowers that are sub-divided into various groups depending on their forms. The most commonly grown is the C. Japonica, which blooms from January until the beginning of the spring in tandem with the C. Sasanqua, with its less flashy flowers, which blossoms in December or January.

The flowers of the camellia are pink or white, but there also exist several red-flowered varieties and even a few yellow; in general the camellia plants alternate between years with exceptional blossoming and years with only a few flowers. Camellias live for a long time, and with the passing of time may grow to reach considerable dimensions, up to 6-7 meters (20 or more feet) high. You can find splendid and examples of many varieties of the camellia, including very rare varieties, on the Great Lake (Lago Maggiore) and they are visible near the Villa Taranto in Verbania.