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Cuore verde tra due laghi
Flowers of the Lake
Cuore verde tra due laghi


Small evergreen shrubs originating in North America, Kalmia grow relatively slowly and with age tend to form dense shrubs with broad, pronged foliage. The plant’s truck has dark brown, sometimes even reddish bark; its branches are dark green and become brown with age.

The kalmia has simple, elongated oval leaves and, during the spring and summer, produces many small, flat, somewhat round flowers that can be pink or white. In the later summer months the fruits follow the flowers, small, tough, rounded capsules that break open when they mature to release their seeds.

The kalmia prefers shady areas where the sun shines in the late afternoon to avoid having its leaves and flowers burnt; in colder regions the kalmia may also be placed in fully sunlit areas. The kalmia isn’t afraid of the winter cold; it is more likely to suffer due in the muggy heat of the summer months.